What is Visual Journaling?

Visual Journaling is a transformative practice for reflection, improvement, and acceptance. It is a self-care approach to enhancing mental clarity and improving overall well-being. This unique technique combines personal introspection and meditation with the compelling power of visual expression. Want to see some examples? Check out some of our prompts and download starter graphics for free.

Why is Visual Journaling so Powerful?

Our brains love images (seriously, there’s science behind it!). Visual journaling is about tapping into this picture-power. Pictures can be more powerful than words alone, allowing us to express feelings that words fail to capture. Creating pictures also reduces stress and helps us achieve our dreams. By translating our thoughts and feelings into visual representations, the brain recalls these images and can use them to help us create new behaviors and thoughts.

How do I get started?

Anyone can do this! I mean ANYONE. You don't have to be an artist, know how to draw, or have a ton of supplies. It isn't about the end result; it is about the process. At Sagewell Ink, we give the support needed at any level of journaling practice. So, grab a notebook and some coloring supplies you have lying around (check out our shop and favorites tab if you need some help here), then join us on our YouTube channel for prompts, practices, tips, and tutorials.